Who are Stone Fable?

Stone Fable is a new collaborative production collective focused on creating
compelling and immersive storytelling experiences of the highest quality. 

Starting as group of four friends who love playing tabletop games together,
they decided to combine their professional creative experience
to share their stories with others. 

At the start of 2024 they launched a successful crowdfunding campaign to create
One For Sorrow - Whispers in the Mist: An Eldritch Tale of Shadows and Secrets.
The first in a planned series of eldritch horror campaigns for 5E. 

Alex, Beth, Madeleine and William were thrilled at the positive response to the crowdfunding campaign
and want to offer their profound thanks to all that supported it and helped to make this dream a reality.

Stone Fable are proud to present this campaign to you and cannot wait to share
the spine-tingling, eerie adventures they have planned for the future! 

May the light guide you through the shadows…

  • Alex

    Alex is one of our writers and also the forever GM of our home games.

    He has worked all sorts of jobs over the years, from lumberjack to accountant, and is a die-hard fan of the works of Sir Terry Pratchett.

    In his personal life he likes looking at dogs.

  • Beth

    Beth is the artistic force behind our captivating visuals, combining both digital and traditional hand techniques.

    Beth has a degree in design and also works as a set dresser in TV, film, and events. She illustrated William’s book "The Grimoire of Forgotten Fairytales", where she combined her love for detail with her passion for storytelling.

    For fun, she likes learning about ancient history, going for walks in the mountains and staring at flowers.

    Curious or interested in commissioning her? Check out her work here 
  • Madeleine

    Madeleine is our composer and spooky atmosphere consultant.

    She also works as an actor musician and musical director.

    In her spare time, Madeliene makes more baked goods than the rest of the team could possibly get through.

  • William

    William is our producer, writer, editor, audio engineer and more.

    William is a content creator with a combined following of over 200,000 fans on Instagram and TikTok.  Known for sinister sketches extending well-known nursery rhymes and superstitions which have seen viral success and millions of views. 

    He is the author of “The Grimoire of Forgotten Fairytales", the best selling book which is a sinister collection of rhymes, short stories, riddles and spells, and sets the stage for a wider world of connected stories that bridge the realms of horror and fantasy. 

    William also enjoys a career as an actor and musician.

    Outside of work he is an avid fan of Doctor Who and gazing into the abyss.

    Find out more about William’s work

    Will's other work